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MANU PERU AMAZON, created to publicize the importance and the role that mother nature meets the benefit of all human beings.

About Us | Manu Perú Amazon

My first trip through the Amazon River was in 1985 it take me 9 months starting off from the city of Belém do Pará, in Brazil, until the city of Puerto Maldonado, in Peru. Since then I was fascinated of so much exuberance of this tropical forest. Without possibility of staying, I return to my native earth where I passed the following 7 years organizing my return. In 1992 I return to Peru with a single destiny: the Madre de Dios Forest. My first work consisted of supporting to a NGO and I did it by 5 years time, working as Park Ranger and conductor of a motor boat taking groups of tourists to the Reserved Zone of the Manu National Park. It was in 1998 when finally I postulate to be official guide of the Manu National Park, since then every year I come taking an average of 30 tourist groups of different nationalities there.

This year 2005, along with my wife we created an agency called MANU PERU AMAZON, offering great quality of service and much information for the lovers of the nature. We are prepared in the areas of the ornithology, botany, Amazonian Cosmo vision and ecology in general. We worked in addition with local people, native guides and excellent human resources as cooks, as well as equipment and fluvial transportation.

Also, our drivers count on many years of experience in these jungle routes, taking personally care about the quality of transportation 4x4 and all the necessary conditions for the security of our passengers.

Sincerely yours.

Oliver Valenti

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