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Work & Travel 4D/3N


Work & Travel 4D/3N
Work & Travel 4D/3N
Work & Travel 4D/3N
Work & Travel 4D/3N


Parrots & Macaws Rescue Center – Otorongo Blanco – Salvacion Campsite

Our work for several years is rescue severeal species of Parrots, Macaws and parrakeets, many of them are already reintroduced free in wild, others still in process ususally fly free around the campsite. Near is also posible to hike around Machuwasi Oxbow Lake.

  • Permanent campsite located in salvación Village - Manu - Madre de dios
  • Wonderful overview over the Salvacion River
  • The tents are located over a Wood platform provided with roof
  • Regular size matresses, shits and pillows
  • Shared Restrooms and showers
  • Dining room and kitchen
  • Private stairs to the Salvacion river
  • Filtered wáter with carbone to drink
  • Hot beverages at dispossal whole day long
  • Small fresh pool

Otorongo Blanco Jungle Campsite

Located on a side of the impresive Madre de dios river, we protect 24 hectares of secundary and pristine primary amazon on the Cultural Zone of the Manu National Park, the offers the visitors a lot of chances to spot wildlife between they account monkeys, Cats, Opposums, Ant eaters, Tapir and many others. Also a big quantity of colorful birds, butterflies, insects, anphipians and reptiles.

  • Permanent campsite located in the Cultural zone of the Manu National Park
  • Wonderful overview over the Madre de Dios river
  • The tents are located over a Wood platform provided with roof
  • Thick matresses, shits and pillows
  • Shared Restrooms and showers
  • Dining room and kitchen


The ¨Otorongo Blanco¨ Eco-touristic project is located in the Cultural Zone of the Manu National Park, a Biosphere Reserve of invaluable natural and cultural resources due to its highest biodiversity. Endemic flora and fauna are found here, also it is possible to find several ethnic indigenous native groups that inhabitants these forests.

The area where the project is developed are at our Base campsite in the Salvacion Village, Provinz: Manu, Departamento: Madre de Dios and at the called "Otorongo Campsite” a 23 hectares private reserve located in the Cultural Zone of the Manu National Park. Some of the daily works that participants do are: opening new paths into the forest, sowing and planting trees and other useful plants (restore the forest), census and monitoring flora and fauna, building shelters that in the future will be used for tourists and volunteer. All we try to do is to benefit nature, local populations and of course a bit to the whole planet.

Our current achievements are to have planted more than 3000 thousand Vetiver plants (vetiveria zizanoides), a proven effective grass against erosion. We have also sowed several useful plant species such as woody plants to improve and accelerate the recovery of the area. We opened several trails to spot wildlife, the camping area has a tented platform provided with roof, a basic toilet, shower and Kitchen. There is not much comfort but if you plan to enjoy the real jungle and live wildly while supporting the amazon we will be grateful.

In the Manu Rescue Center we already reintroduced into the wild many Parrots, macaws & Parrakeets, many of them still visit us with their new family.

Day 1

Cusco – Parrots & Macaws Rescue Center (8 hours journey approx.)

The journey to Salvación begins at 11:00 AM in Cusco (3300 meters above sea level) with service from licensed local public transportation company and drive crossing the Andes and cloud forest to Salvación (500 meters). Along the way, there will be a short stop in Paucartambo village for lunch, and 1 hour later will arrive to Acjanaco pass located at 3,500 meters and is the entrance to Manu National Park. From this point of the journey, all the remaining way will be descending to the Amazon Basin, arriving by night to the Village of Salvación, where our base of operation is located and your guide and team will be waiting for you for dinner. Overnight at our tented platform provided with tents, mosquito nets, mattress, showers and toilettes. This night we will have a night walk on the Machuwasi oxbow lake, by night is possible to see other sort of animals such as frogs, spiders, insects, maybe caymans, capybaras or other nocturnal animal.

Day 2

Parrots & Macaws Rescue Center – Otorongo Blanco Campsite

This morning before breakfast will hike around the Machuwasi oxbow lake, a wildlife refuge to spot some diurnal animals, with the help of a balsa wood we enter into the lake and walk around the trail system, this lake is habitat of many species of birds such as oropendulas, caciques, cardinals, tanagers and the hoatzin (Opistocomus hoatzin) considered by scientists a ring of connections on the evolution from reptiles to birds. We return for breakfast to the campsite. After a rest we will work organizing food and supplies for the ongoing trip. Those interest on having a bath on the river there is nearby the crystalline waters of the Salvacion river. At the Rescue Center many of this colorful birds fly around some still not and need permanent help until their feders grow again.

After breakfast we will prepare our luggage and the food we will curry to the next campsite, we start an hour walk with our luggage in direction the Alto Madre de Dios River, where we board a boat to cross to the other side of the river, in approximately 20 minutes of navigation we will arrive at our private reserve. Our first work activity will be settle our tents, pick up firewood for cooking and others needs the camp may need for our staying. Nocturnal hike to spot wildlife on the area. The campsite is provided with a cover platform for tents, kitchen, basic toilette and shower.

Day 3

“Otorongo Blanco” Campsite

We wake up already in our campsite with the sound of nature, after a good breakfast the accompanying guide will organize the activities that we will make during the day. In the morning until lunch we will have some work in the project area, where we will learn many new things, if we go to open trails we will find a large diversity of flora and fauna and learn about them. If we plant trees we feel the satisfaction of being helping to restore and conserve nature and also contribute to the welfare of our planet.

Any time you can have refreshing bath into the river.

The surrounding area of the campsite is an ideal place to spot special kind of birds and mammals. The campsite has also several trail systems ideal to spot wildlife with possibilities to observe mammals such as 11 different species of monkeys, peccaries, rodents or even in a lucky day a Jaguar.

For those willing to explore deeper on the forest, we will have hikes inside of the interesting trail system of the campsite, one is going up to the hills from 500 to 940 meters to enjoy a spectacular overview of the Alto Madre de Dios River and the surrounding forest. The idea is to learn as much as possible and enjoy your time in the jungle observing as much as wildlife as possible.

This forest has also unaccounted species of trees and plants such as epiphytes, bromeliads, muses, ferns, vines, many of these plants are eatable or natives use them for medicinal purposes.

Day 4

“Otorongo Blanco” Campsite” – Cusco

Today after breakfast we organize the campsite to start our return journey, first by boat, later walking 1 hour to Salvacion town. The minivan leaves at 11:00 AM to Cusco, arriving this night after 8 hours ride.

End of our services.

Not included:

  • First day breakfast and lunch, last day dinner
  • Transfers in Cusco : Hotel - Bus Station - Hotel
  • Soft drink, Beverages and alcoholic drink
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips (optional)
  • Extra activities not described

We Offer:

  • To experience one of the best forest of the World at a very low Price
  • Work in the jungle but also have all the guided excursions as in a conventional tour
  • English speaking tour guide during your staying
  • Visit the Machu Wasi Oxbow Lake
  • Guided hikes to the forest trails
  • Possibility to organize inner forest expeditions to spot flora and fauna
  • Food and filtered water
  • Tents accommodation and good mattresses
  • Bus transportation from Cusco and back to Cusco
  • Motor Boat to transport you to the places you visit.

We need to help to:

  • Open and maintaining trails systems
  • Build rooms, shelters and camps used by guests and volunteer
  • Germinate, plant and maintenance different tropical useful plants and trees
  • Sustainable use of the Water
  • Sensing and monitoring species of flora and fauna in the area
  • Cook

What we suggest to bring?

  • A backpack medium light with most of our belongings. Another small
  • Sleeping bag, You can use one of ours paying US$ 5 due to laundry
  • A coat for the old, rain poncho, shorts, long shirts, cotton pants and long sleeved shirts
  • Bath towels
  • Hiking shoes and sandals to enter the water
  • Personal hygiene items, sunscreen, hat and glasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Plastic bags to protect our clothes inside of the backpack
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • Camera with extra batteries
  • A container to carry water
  • Binoculars
  • Extra Money to buy crafts shopping, drinks and tips


  • Local buses may change the departure time
  • Your security is important for us, for this reason, this program could be change if the road or river conditions do not allow us to follow the initial itinerary.
  • Between December and March there is the rainy season here, we suggest you not to booked for the day after your return journey to Cusco something you are not able to change such us tickets to Machupicchu or flights as strong rain could cause delays.
  • The work activities will be programmed day by day according to the day needs

Tour: Manu Work & Travel | Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

US$ 250

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*The manu National Park is not an area of Malaria or Yellow fever, vaccinatios are not mandatory for visitors

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