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The Tambopata reserve is internationally famous as the site of the world's greatest lowland concentrations of biodiversity as MANU; Tambopata offers an exciting and unique Amazon experience.

Of interest two of the most important ecological areas of Tambopata are Sandoval Lake, located within the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, a short distance from the Madre de Dios-.

The original Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone (TCRZ) was created by a ministerial resolution in January 1990 as a step towards a larger policy of land management in the area and to protect the land whilst it was properly surveyed to determine the best land-use for it. The status of Reserved Zone gave the area greater protection than it had before, though a number of factors came into play from 1990 undermining the whole process begun by the Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA) who manages the area.

One of the land-use proposals put forward was for a national park to protect the watershed of the Tambopata and other rivers and their natural resources from the encroachment of civilization. The proposed National Park was to be called Bahuaja-Sonene. The National Park status was given to 54 thousand hectares of the previous Reserved Zone in August 1996 - a blessing for nature, as Peruvian law at present restricts the entrance of people into such areas (except under very special circumstances).


The flow dynamics of the river can become unstable, normally during the rainy season. During this instability, it is possible that the river will cut a channel. This effectively isolates a meander and creates an "oxbow lake".

On of the main attraction drawing tourists to Pt. Maldonado is Lake Sandoval located deep in the Tambopata Reserve, famous for its family of Giant Otter and sanctuary of other animals such as crocodiles, cranes, fishes and turtles which live there. The vegetation is exuberant and it is possible to enjoy all this entering with canoes the whole day long.

Tambopata | Manu Perú Amazon

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